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Women's Right In Islam (Urdu)

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PostSubject: Women's Right In Islam (Urdu)   Tue May 12, 2009 4:02 am

Women's Right In Islam (Urdu)
This is a lecture given in urdu by Dr Zakir Naik himself, clearing the misconceptions on the rights of women in Islam. The following links are the 2nd and 3rd CD, which contain the question and answer session. Each video will approx. be 85MB. You can download any single video and still view it. You can play the file in Windows Media Player.

  1. zn_wri_cd2_1.mpeg.html
  2. zn_wri_cd2_2.mpeg.html
  3. zn_wri_cd2_3.mpeg.html
  4. zn_wri_cd2_4.mpeg.html
  5. zn_wri_cd2_5.mpeg.html
  6. zn_wri_cd2_6.mpeg.html
  7. zn_wri_cd2_7.mpeg.html
  8. zn_wri_cd2_8.mpeg.html
  9. zn_wri_cd2_9.mpeg.html

  1. zn_wri_cd3_1.mpeg.html
  2. zn_wri_cd3_2.mpeg.html
  3. zn_wri_cd3_3.mpeg.html
  4. zn_wri_cd3_4.mpeg.html
  5. zn_wri_cd3_5.mpeg.html
  6. zn_wri_cd3_6.mpeg.html
  7. zn_wri_cd3_7.mpeg.html
  8. zn_wri_cd3_8.mpeg.html
Details about the above video: 1589kbps, 352x240, mpeg format
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Women's Right In Islam (Urdu)

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